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Traditional woodworking

Ageröd Snickeri is a small woodworking company, specializing in the manufacture of tools for woodworkers, hobbyists and other carpenters.
In addition, we manufacture hand-made mouldings from samples of originals or drawings.

We also manufacture bespoke furnishings and furniture.


Classical tools for fine woodworking

We manufacture traditional wooden planes according to customer requirements. Currently, we are experimenting with techniques and methods to increase the quality of our planes. We also experiment with other products, such as custom chisels and other tools interesting for fine woodworking.

It is important for us to understand the customer’s need and so we use our own tools in our production. This is important to us as we learn a lot about our products and how they work.


Where the tools, skills and materials meet

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Special mouldings made with hand planes

Today, all moldings are done on large sawmills or planing mills who produce standard mouldings to fit modern building standards, there are also a few standard mouldings produced in the style of the 19’th century and early 20’th century.

We currently offer hand-crafted mouldings for renovation of older building mouldings or special parts for restorations such as window mouldings, picture frames and so on to fit with existing mouldings. We also make mouldings from drawings and drawings according to customer requirements, in any style.

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Woodworking museum with a focus on 1850-1920

One of our main interests is antique woodworking machines and associated tools and technology.
We have a number of old machines ranging from the 1850s to the 1920s and are constantly looking for new old machines. Old tools like cutters for these machines are very interesting. Things that today are considered to dangerous to be used will be saved as a memory and example of our Swedish industrial woodworking history.

The museum is a private collection and is comprised of machines and tools from all over Sweden, with a few samples from other countries, where several machines have been renovated and refurbished from scrap to working machines.

The museum is closed at the moment as we renovate.

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